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Viewpoints By Brian Ding

Article: Using Digital Twins to Increase Operational Output by 15%: Part Two

Four Challenges to Consider When Pursuing a Simulation Initiative

Article: Using Digital Twins to Increase Operational Output by 15%: Part One

Here's How to Use Digital Twins to Increase Operational Output by 15%. How Concept Digital Twins Can Drastically Improve Material Flow and Throughput.

Microblog: Opening a New Era for Solar Manufacturing with the Industrial Metaverse

Kalypsonian Brian Ding joined our client First Solar at this year’s Automation Fair to discuss their digital transformation journey. First Solar is the largest solar manufacturer in the western hemisphere.  Our goal with them was to create a superior digital representation of its brand-new greenfield facility in Ohio.

Article: Reducing Commissioning Time by 40% with a Digital Twin

Companies are increasingly focused on maximizing the value of their data using digital tools, for instance, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) or digital twins. This digitization enables companies to lower operational risks, respond faster to changes, operate more efficiently and accelerate speed-to-operation by providing them with the means to execute activities virtually.

Article: The Digital Mine: Realizing Value from Autonomous Fixed Plants

Ultimately, the future vision for mining is an autonomous fixed plant to minimize process variability, maximize productivity, reduce human intervention, reduce cost and improve safety.

Article: A Smart Connected Operations Use Case: Resource Optimization at Rockwell Automation

A look at the business value and lessons learned from an SCO digital initiative focused on improving resource optimization on the shop floor.