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Develop strategies that drive business growth through innovation

We work with clients to develop innovation strategies that reinvigorate core businesses and create brand-new sources of growth. This means translating business objectives into specific goals, direction and metrics for innovation.

Many organizations have business strategies that depend upon growth from innovation but often don’t articulate how much of that growth should come from innovation and what forms it needs to take. An effective innovation strategy formally defines how innovation will contribute to business growth and provides a roadmap to keep the focus on executing successfully.

How We Help Clients Drive Business Growth

We help our clients build a view of the future, and define “where to play” and “how to win” with innovation - with an eye toward execution. We work with you to define and drive alignment around the goals, resources, capabilities and portfolio objectives to operationalize the strategy. Our approach is designed to provide a continuous feedback loop so that you’re able to adjust your innovation strategy based on in-market results and new insights, allowing you to adapt more quickly in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.

We work with business leaders to develop and drive alignment on each component of innovation strategy, including:

  • Growth goals
  • Investment allocation
  • Internal vs. external needs
  • Risk profile
  • R&D spend across core, platform and new growth horizons
  • Resource allocation and execution capability needs
  • Portfolio objectives and priorities to operationalize the innovation strategy
  • Long-term capability and resource needs

Service Area Expertise

Strategic Analysis & Opportunity Area Identification
Innovation Strategy Development
Innovation Strategy Analytics
Innovation Results Analysis
Resources & Capability Alignment