Peter Gardner

Data Science Senior Technical Consultant

Prior to joining Kalypso and specializing in digital solutions to technical challenges, Peter pursued highly cross-functional engineering and management roles in pharmaceutical compliance, quality, and continuous improvement.

Peter Gardner, Data Science Senior Technical Consultant | Kalypso

A data-centric and interdisciplinary systems engineer, Peter is passionate about organizational growth. Skilled at developing cross-functional solutions for technical and organization challenges.

He is highly capable in resolving ambiguity and promoting collaboration, and enjoys uniting heterogeneous teams, insights, and data sources. In addition to growth, Peter is distinct in his profound curiosity and love of clarifying complex systems. Together these traits have opened opportunities from biotechnology to integrated-circuity, from query-engine optimization to oxidative reaction vessel design. Sharing Kalypso's passion for empowering people, Peter is excited to support an ever-growing portfolio of digital solutions

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  • Bachelors in Chemical Engineering, Minor in Bioprocessing - Michigan Technological University
  • Masters in Applied Data Science - University of Michigan


  • Biotechnology (mammalian virology, toxicology, and mammalian cell culture)
  • Chemical engineering (molecular models, process emulation, and filtration systems)
  • Decontamination technology (thermal, oxidation, and radiation chemistries)
  • Pharmaceutical (quality engineering, equipment validations, and ISO/USP Sterile Cleanrooms)

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