George Young

Co-Founder, Professor Emeritus

George has over 30 years of experience in business management and consulting, serving Fortune 500 brands across industries. He co-founded Kalypso in 2004.

George Young, Co-Founder, Professor Emeritus | Kalypso

George co-founded Kalypso and served as CEO through the firm’s acquisition by Rockwell Automation. He is now a professor emeritus providing strategic counsel to Kalypso principals and staff.

George is now Vice President, Global Digital Services, at Rockwell Automation where he leads commercial efforts for digital services opportunities with the largest companies around the world. He is also driving an initiative to evolve Rockwell’s consultative selling approach and deploy it across the organization, including the advancement and use of customer showcases and experience centers.

George grew up on a farm in Gustavus, Ohio. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry at Youngstown State University. He then went on to receive a PhD in Organic Chemistry from The Ohio State University, and later an MBA from Rice University.

His life’s work has been focused on the research and development of new products, first in R&D, plant management and business management at BFGoodrich, where he was awarded four U.S. patents; then as a partner at Deloitte where he focused on product development and lifecycle management.

A firm believer that consulting is a calling, George published a book "13 Steps to Mindful Consulting" for consultants who strive for a more balanced, fulfilled life.

Outside of Kalypso

George spends his life on the road serving his clients, visiting friends and recharging with family. You can find him all over the world, but he considers Cleveland, Houston, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and Belize home.

George has been writing and performing music since he was a teenager coming up in the late 70’s Cleveland music scene. He recently retired two music projects to focus exclusively on performing in Vernon Trumbull and his Kinsmen, a bayoubilly quartet.

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  • PhD, Organic Chemistry from Ohio State University
  • Author, 13 Steps to Mindful Consulting


  • Leads Digital Product Creation Share Group
  • Drives Kalypso's Three Innovation Centers
  • Board Member, Ohio State University's Technology Review Board

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