Five No Regret Moves:
Survival Tactics for the Post-Pandemic Future

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In July 2020, we published the first version of Post-Pandemic Futures for the Consumer Packaged Goods and Retail, Footwear and Apparel Industries.

Using the latest foresight methods, we developed four alternative future scenarios to help our clients define their strategies as they design a long-term response to the pandemic, reduce risk, and plan for a more resilient future.

Every day we read and learn more about the pandemic, its consequences, and the actions that governments, companies and individuals are taking to navigate through these challenging times.

Scenario planning is not a one-time exercise.

We’ve recently revisited our analysis, updated some of the survival tactics, and created five no regret moves that will prepare companies for any scenario.

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Our Post-Pandemic Futures Experts:

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Steve Riordan
Principal and Global Practice Leader, Consulting & Supply Chain Kalypso
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Rein Singfield
Senior Manager Kalypso