Accelerate Business Outcomes with Smart Connected Products

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We help life sciences companies enable and optimize remote service by combining the power of smart connected products, advanced analytics and extended reality.

Most medical device manufacturers and distributors today can provide basic remote service management for diagnostic, imaging, surgical, laser and hospital equipment.

Companies at the head of the pack are evolving to proactive, preventative remote service capabilities, often shifting from selling physical products to selling products as a service that deliver value-based outcomes.

That's because optimizing the service component of your organization gives devices a stronger voice, making it possible to address issues before customers experience inefficiencies or downtime.

With advanced analytics, real-time visibility and remote access, technicians can detect, assess, and fix issues quickly – sometimes before they even occur, eliminating negative experiences. Service information and content management along with XR visualization and enablement extend the remote service capabilities even further, minimizing the need for truck rolls, keeping costs down and maximizing customer satisfaction.

Real Results

  • Up to 80% improvement in first-time fix rate (FTFR)
  • Up to 50% reduction in mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • Up to 60% total cost reduction compared to on-site support
  • 15-30% reduction in truck rolls
  • 15-40% reduction in unplanned downtime

Remote access resulted in a 50% reduction in mean time to repair at a leading medical device company.

Remote Service and Support Simplified

With MedConnect Remote Service, medical device companies can quickly advance and scale their remote service capabilities to achieve competitive advantage and gain market share. Connecting remote assets to enterprise service systems and evolving field service capabilities to remote service capabilities opens a wide range of business benefits.

Manage asset performance

Manage connected assets remotely to understand root causes prior to onsite visits and resolve them remotely when possible.

Reduce or eliminate operational costs

Optimize field technician visits by servicing medical devices remotely and making necessary visits more efficient.

Improve product and service quality

Analyze complex medical device data in real-time to gain critical insights into use patterns and improve long-term equipment performance. Continuously increase product quality with closed-loop quality feedback.

Create new revenue streams

Differentiate with remote support and pass costs on to hospitals that do no allow remote support.

Power value-based models

Scale product service to complete your business portfolio and transform from a product-based model to a value-based system.

Enhance security and maintain traceability

Enable 100% software traceability and deliver software patches in a cybersecure environment with remote software deployment that can eliminate onsite visits and the need to take systems out of service.

Accelerate your time to value
with MedConnect Remote Service

With seamless integrations to enterprise systems, MedConnect Remote Service helps you maintain a standard of rapid response and connectivity critical to exceeding customer expectations.

  • Designed to quickly implement and scale remote service capabilities
  • Deployed via pre-built modules for rapid implementation
  • Based on industry-leading practices in remote service
  • Built with enhanced security options

Asset Management

Track customer inventory, installations and returns

Connectivity / Provisioning

Enable direct connect and gateways

Remote Device Access

Remote connection to a device eliminates site visits

Software Content Management (SCM)

Keep software current and set rules around updates

Enhanced Security Options

Enable connected policy server and role-based access

Support Dashboards

View device history and key metrics, past repairs, current status, remote in, assign technicians, apply patches

What does optimized remote service look like?

Remote Service and Support Simplified
Service NeedsFROM (Current State of Device Support)TO (Optimized Remote Support)
Field Corrective ActionsRequires a physical visit, manual update during business hours

Minimal onsite visits, reducing cost for both manufacture and healthcare institutions

Software Updates and TraceabilityDelivered via manual process, requiring manufacturer personnel to go onsite. Traceability of software requires manual interventionAllows for remote software deployment, potentially eliminating the need to go onsite and removing the need to take the system out of service. Allows for 100% software traceability
Emergency / Security updates or patchesDifficult to efficiently deliver software security patchesProvides the vessel to deliver software patches in a cybersecure environment
Trouble-shooting and RepairCompleted over the phone with no visibility into systemProvides remote access to the system, leading to increased root cause determination and resolution prior to onsite visits
New Service Revenue StreamRemote support is not a significant revenue generating vehicle for manufacturersDevice manufacturers can differentiate with remote support and pass cost to hospitals that do no allow remote support


We helped a leading medical device company achieve a 50% reduction in mean time to repair with remote access

Our client works to hand people new victories in the face of cancer, from advanced radiotherapy, radiosurgery, to many other vital cancer-fighting tools.

Patients who rely on this equipment sometimes schedule appointments months in advance. That means that unscheduled downtime is not simply an inconvenience, it can mean a missed chance of an early diagnosis or delaying a critical treatment.

Our work means that equipment can be serviced remotely, eliminating downtime for planned service. It also means that data and analytics can be shared with field technicians prior to their arrival on-site, ensuring they are armed with everything they need for successful and efficient service.

Our work helped ensure that essential equipment is available to patients when it is needed, and resulted in:

  • 50% reduction in mean time to repair (MTTR)
  • 700 telephone consultations per month resolved remotely
  • 4 hours of travel time saved for each call
  • Reduced service costs by $2,000 for each problem resolved remotely
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