Advanced Analytics in R&D
A Guide for CPG Manufacturers

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After a difficult year, CPG companies are wondering what the future holds.

One thing is certain – the digital transformations that have accelerated since March of 2020 will continue to drive efficiency in a post-pandemic world. And no matter what happens, CPG companies will always seek ways to find new ways to discover, create, make and sell new product – better, faster and cheaper.

One important area to consider is the application of advanced analytics to the R&D process itself.

Top performing CPG brands are known for taking a data-driven approach to evolving their brands based on marketing and sales data. As functions and processes become more connected across the enterprise, the next big opportunity for data-driven insights is centered around R&D.

This eBook includes articles and advice on:

  • Tactics to prepare for the future
  • High-value analytics use cases
  • Three case studies and proven examples from companies like yours
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