Digital Thread in the Chemical Industry

Accelerate Your Digital Transformation from Product to Plant to End User

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The phrase “digital transformation” carries a lot of weight in the chemical industry, and its overuse can make it difficult to understand what exactly constitutes digital transformation. In order to demystify the conversation, we must define what digital transformation means for the industry and the business value it can deliver.

True digital transformation digitalizes the entire value chain – all of the “steps” it takes to bring a product to market. Digital transformation is possible by employing key, foundational concepts including the connected plant, digital thread and digital twin, and with enabling technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), extended reality, smart connected operations and Internet of Things (IoT).

A focus not on technology, but on use case-based proofs of value that address actual business challenges, combined with human-centered organizational change management, ensures that digital capabilities can be scaled and sustained more quickly and effectively across the organization.

This eBook includes articles and advice on:

  • Key digital transformation concepts
  • A recommended path to successfully digitalize the value chain beyond the chemical plant.
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