Kalypso Launches R&D Management Framework

June 16, 2010

Framework based on key dimensions of R&D excellence to deliver business objectives

BEACHWOOD, Ohio - Kalypso, the world's premier innovation consulting firm, announces the R&D Management Framework, a methodology that has helped clients align R&D with business objectives. Kalypso's R&D Management Framework addresses nine key areas of R&D excellence that integrate the processes, tools, functions, and metrics required to improve R&D capability and maximize return on investment.

"Many business executives view R&D as the last unmanaged business function - a 'black box' into which they've had little visibility," said Bill Poston, managing partner at Kalypso. "However, in today's recovering economy these executives are spending smarter and placing more demands on R&D leaders to demonstrate better ROI and deliver innovation more effectively."

Kalypso's R&D Management Framework begins with an organization assessment of the nine areas of R&D excellence: R&D Strategy, Innovation, Portfolio Management, Project Management, Intellectual Property Management, Talent Management, Sourcing, Operations Management, and Regulatory and Compliance. Performance in each of these management functions is benchmarked against key industry benchmarks. Areas for improvement are prioritized based on maximum R&D effectiveness. A strategic roadmap is then developed for each of these functions, detailing the processes, tools, organization alignment, and metrics for each to operate successfully.

"For many organizations it's not the amount of R&D spend that's the problem but rather the return on those investments," said Poston. "Organizations that evaluate and understand the management of the people, processes, systems, and data necessary to run R&D can develop an R&D organization that cultivates success and delivers expectations."

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