Kalypso Helps Companies with Complex Business Environments Achieve Efficiencies and Save Up to $100M

June 4, 2009

Kalypso Complexity Management Service Helps Companies Strategically Control Complexity from Merged Operations, Supply Chains, Reorganizations, Product Proliferation and More

BEACHWOOD, Ohio - Many companies in today's economy are struggling to address business complexity resulting from issues such as mergers and acquisitions, product proliferation, extensive supply chains, and government mandates. In markets where complexity is part of the business structure, managing it effectively is key to controlling cost-efficiency.

"The challenge for many organizations with complex business environments is how to maintain complexity where it matters and drive it out where it's unnecessary," said Bill Poston, a founding partner of Kalypso. "A strategic Complexity Management initiative finds the balance between complexity that adds value versus complexity that adds cost."

Kalypso, the world's premier innovation consulting firm, has been leading the field of Complexity Management practices and methodology, helping clients to drive operational efficiency gains and achieve cost savings ranging from $13.5 million to $100 million. Now Kalypso has captured those best practices in the new Kalypso Complexity Management service launched last week.

Kalypso's Complexity Management methodology addresses the complete range of complexity management issues that companies face today, including developing strategies and product platforms that optimize operational efficiencies across complex business processes internally and throughout the supply chain.

"A Complexity Management initiative that strategically controls complexity can drive upwards of five points of profit growth," said Poston. "By employing Kalypso Complexity Management, companies can control the value chain, improve resource utilization and effectiveness, and increase R&D focus."

Kalypso is the world's premier innovation consulting firm, helping clients improve profitability by delivering on the promise of innovation. Kalypso offers clients full service capabilities including Business and Innovation Strategy, Front End of Innovation, Portfolio and Pipeline Management, Development and New Product Introduction, Value Management, PLM Technology, Leadership and Learning, and Intellectual Property Services.

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