Kalypso Forms Strategic Alliance with Healthcare Analytics Firm Low Hanging Fruit

August 27, 2014

BEACHWOOD, Ohio — August 28, 2014 — Broadening its innovation capabilities as the firm celebrates its tenth anniversary, Kalypso announced today that it has formed a strategic alliance with Low Hanging Fruit, a data analysis firm that provides innovative solutions to address the rising costs of healthcare.

Kalypso delivers a comprehensive set of services to enable innovation in key industries such as healthcare, including strategy, design and implementation. By partnering with Low Hanging Fruit, Kalypso can provide healthcare service providers a broad set of capabilities to drive real business results and dramatic margin improvement in high-cost orthopedic, cardiac and neuro-surgery procedures.

“Kalypso and its seasoned leadership team have done a fantastic job building a successful operation that provides superior innovation services to market leading institutions world-wide,” says Richard Seagrave, MD and chairman of Low Hanging Fruit. “I’m confident that by forming this strategic alliance our two firms can deliver a comprehensive solution enabling clients to rapidly implement innovative procedure cost management practices.”

Low Hanging Fruit’s mission is to empower physicians and hospitals with the information necessary to drive down and maintain costs, while still providing a full range of options necessary to deliver excellent patient care. Kalypso and Low Hanging Fruit’s joint offering is timely and offers hospitals a vehicle to capture the greatest potential margin improvement in high-value surgical procedures including orthopedic, cardiac and neuro-surgery.

One of the hospitals seeing immediate results from this solution is Mercy Orthopedic Hospital in Springfield, Missouri. Mercy has experienced dramatic success reducing and stabilizing its surgical procedure cost structure. This cost stability has enhanced their ability to offer affordable care. It also provides a competitive advantage for hospital groups as more companies seek specialized healthcare services for their employees.

David Globig, vice president of operations at Mercy comments, “As a result of the Low Hanging Fruit program, Mercy is now able to compete aggressively as an orthopedic surgery destination center with confidence that our cost structures support our bundled reimbursement strategy. This has led to long-term provider agreements with some of the largest corporations in the country, assuring strong demand for our services and further financial benefits for our physicians and institution.”

“We are thrilled to have teamed with Low Hanging Fruit to bring to market an integrated offering with the potential to transform the economics of providing healthcare. With this combination, we believe that we are the only firm in the market with an offering and proven approach that brings hospitals and physicians together to address the most pressing issues for care providers today,” said Bill Poston, managing partner of Kalypso. “We want to be recognized as the world’s most respected provider of truly innovative offerings to the healthcare industry. The strategic alliance with Low Hanging Fruit takes us a big step closer to realizing that vision.”

About Low Hanging Fruit

Low Hanging Fruit was founded to address the rising cost of health care and delivers needed healthcare information services to decision makers 24/7, in a meaningful, up to the minute fashion. Many healthcare decisions depend on a relatively few but extremely important pieces of data (the "low hanging fruit"). These pieces must be accurate and they must be timely and delivered in an understandable form. Collecting and delivering this low hanging fruit is the basis for this innovative offering. For more information, visit http://www.lhfruit.com.