Kalypso Celebrates One-Year Anniversary of Monterrey Technical Center

September 17, 2013

BEACHWOOD, OhioKalypso, the world’s premier innovation consulting firm, celebrates the one-year anniversary of its technical center in Monterrey, Mexico. Over the past year, Kalypso’s Monterrey Technical Center has become an integral part of Kalypso’s global growth strategy.

Kalypso is a management consulting firm, helping clients improve performance, drive profitability and create sustainable results by delivering on the promise of innovation. The people of Kalypso are leading business professionals who combine unparalleled expertise in innovation, product development, and product lifecycle management (PLM) with a depth of experience in the consumer goods, high technology, manufacturing, life sciences and retail industries.

The Monterrey Technical Center was established to provide Kalypso clients with a comprehensive set of services, including defining business requirements; data migration; application architecture, design, and maintenance; technical support; and software configuration and development.

“Combining high talent with a competitive cost structure, the center enables the firm to provide the technical competencies needed to deliver full solutions to clients in a cost-effective manner,” said Bill Poston, founder and managing partner of Kalypso.

Due to vigorous recruiting efforts through Tec de Monterrey and UDEM, the technical center started with one staff member in September 2012 and now consists of 26 team members. Part of Kalypso’s growth strategy is to quickly develop 20 percent of its global client service capacity in Monterrey by the end of 2014.

In the past year, Kalypso’s Monterrey team has developed many community initiatives, including Women in Technology (MENTE), Kalypso Kares and a Kalypso recycling program. MENTE creates career and technology knowledge sharing opportunities between women and recognizes outstanding female students in IT-related fields. Through the Kalypso Kares community service program, the Monterrey team has worked with a number of community organizations, including La Cantera Day Care Center to provide academic support to underprivileged children on a weekly basis.

“We have big expectations for 2014,” said Selvia Montemayor, technical center manager. “The Kalypso Monterrey Team continues to grow and we will proudly represent Kalypso’s brand in Latin America.”

The Kalypso Monterrey Technical Center is located at the 109° 28’ Workspace Valle Building and will soon be opening its second space in the same building.