Convergence Data and Kalypso Partner to Accelerate Digital Transformation with Advanced PLM Capabilities

January 13, 2022

Orlando, FL January 13, 2022 – Convergence Data, the leading provider of parts classification software and services for product lifecycle management (PLM), today announced its partnership with Kalypso to accelerate value realized from part classification, design re-use, and supplier management.

This partnership brings Convergence Data’s expertise in Design for Retrieval (DFR) for parts classification and supplier management and Kalypso’s expertise in digital transformation to help clients reduce the duplicate part count by enhancing their product data quality.

Kalypso is a global professional services firm helping clients discover, create, make, and sell better products with digital technologies, that has over 17 years of experience in PLM deployment. As part of the partnership, Convergence Data’s data services and DFR capabilities with XML integration expedite the deployment of leading PLM solutions.

“Convergence Data is excited to collaborate with Kalypso to accelerate digital value chain transformation for clients,” said Richard Turner, President of Convergence Data. “Our partnership helps clients realize the benefits of sharing parts across businesses faster while enabling sourcing groups to better control inventory and direct material supplier spend.”

“We are pleased to partner with Convergence Data on these high value, but often elusive benefit opportunities for our clients,” said Rod Walters, VP of Kalypso. “Convergence Data’s parts classification and data services provide our clients complementary services that enable their organizations to drive significant additional value to their PLM software investment.”

About Convergence Data

Convergence Data enables customers with parts classification in a variety of industries, including Aerospace and Defense, Appliances, Automotive, Electronics, Industrial Manufacturing, HVAC, and Oilfield Services. For companies deploying PLM Classification, Convergence’s data modeling, data cleansing, and data enrichment services can be a significant benefit.

DFR (Design for Retrieval) – Convergence Data’s classification staging database used build schemas, cleanse, normalize and bulk validate part and document data for PLM.

Data Services – Convergence Data’s off-shore team of trained parts classification resources