Transforming the Front End of Innovation in Consumer Goods

You've probably read the numerous reports that reveal the less-than-stellar success rates of innovation in the consumer goods industry. 

Why is this happening?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is there a lack of visibility into good ideas and concepts across our organization? Do these activities occur instead in silos - by geography, brand or product line?
  • Is there a disconnect between market research and the ideation process?
  • Do good ideas "get stuck" from moving forward into development?
  • Do we recycle low-value concepts from the past and unknowingly invest in them again and again?

Answer "yes" to any of these? You're not alone. We can help.

FEI Optimizer: A complete front end of innovation solution for consumer goods

FEI Optimizer combines software from Sopheon – via the Accolade® Idea LabTM idea management platform – with innovation services from Kalypso.

Meaning, we work with you to improve your ideation and concept development processes via an enterprise global collaboration portal that links concepts with third-party consumer research and concept testing.

With FEI Optimizer, you can increase the value of new products and transform the front end of innovation to drive bigger, better business results.

Ready to learn more about transforming your front end of innovation?

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