Smart Connected Operations

Smart Connected Operations (SCO) leverage disruptive technologies to facilitate more effective, efficient, customizable, automated, and digitized systems to create new value and new business models.

These interconnected machines and devices, intelligent analytics, and connected workers are enabling digital transformation of the world’s industries.

Manufacturers have high expectations for SCO, including increasing production output, decreasing production costs and cycle times, and improving quality and accuracy.

However, there are significant challenges, including general business awareness, a complex technology ecosystem, lack of people and skills, security concerns, requirements for new organization and process design, data governance gaps, and change leadership.

We help companies use interconnected machines and devices, intelligent analytics, and connected workers across product development, manufacturing, operations, supply chain and service to enable smarter, faster business decisions and achieve meaningful results.

How We Help

The goal of our comprehensive approach to SCO is to build a digital ecosystem – within an appropriate organizational construct – that addresses common challenges and speeds time to value.

Our SCO maturity model and services frameworks are designed to help you:

Assess current state and opportunity

Leverage a comprehensive approach that considers people, process and technology to understand true current state and energize the organization around a new vision and capabilities.

Map out SCO strategy

Understand customer and industry dynamics, establish a strong digital vision, create a 'north star' business objective, set clear maturity targets, build scorecards, and form a guiding coalition.

Create SCO pilot projects

With the business objective and strategy in mind, use strategic pilots to demonstrate business value, connect to in-market results, and build on success to secure buy-in.

Define required capabilities

Build on lessons from pilots to define capabilities required to achieve the vision, develop a strategy to attract and train talent, and consider change management activities.

Become analytics wizards

Identify advanced analytics insights at scale that will unlock more value, consider team organization and incentives, and use data to enable new business models.

Transform into a digital enterprise

Maintain a sense of urgency, institutionalize new approaches, connect SCO strategy to business strategy, foster a digital mindset and culture, and celebrate success.

Build a digital ecosystem

Turn data into new strategic assets, evolve to develop platforms (not just products), share knowledge with partners, and harness customer networks.

Technology Ecosystem Expertise