Kalypso and Dassault Systemes PLM Solutions

How We Work Together

Kalypso provides end-to-end Dassault Systemes ENOVIA management consulting and implementation services, working with DS to offer innovative PLM solutions to global enterprises in retail, footwear, apparel, high technology, life sciences and other manufacturing industries.

For companies interested in upgrading to ENOVIA V6, Kalypso's ENOVIA Evolve Framework is designed to help you stay ahead of the curve, using our knowledge about what successful companies are doing to expand and improve PLM processes and systems.

Our Offerings

Kalypso provides clients with end-to-end PLM management consulting and implementation services, including:

  • ENOVIA PLM Strategy
  • ENOVIA PLM Implementation
  • ENOVIA Evolve
  • Application Integration
  • Data Migration
  • Testing & Validation
  • Organizational Change Leadership, Learning & Training
  • Post Go-Live Support


For more information about Kalypso's ENOVIA PLM capabilities, please complete the contact form.