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Digital Thread in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry

eBook Introduction


In the last three years, the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry has undergone profound changes – particularly when considering digital strategies. In the pre-Covid days, developing the digital thread and integrating information technology with operational technology (IT/OT) was an optional investment for industry leaders and innovators. Once Covid hit and the supply chain crisis came into effect, resiliency and cost optimization became more important than ever. Digitization went from a nice-to-have for some to a must-have for all – sparking a rapid exploration of digital capabilities across the industry.

Today, we are beginning to see the fruits of that development, as early adopters start to reap quantifiable ROIs from their technology investments. As these capabilities evolve, however, so do inherent challenges, forcing companies to adapt to ever-changing market conditions, continuously align and realign their leadership and operations, and effectively handle organizational change management for technology solutions.

Be on the lookout for our upcoming eBook, Digital Thread in the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry. We will leverage our case study-backed research to explore these challenges, consider mitigation strategies, and outline digital thread solutions.

Table of Contents for Upcoming ebook

  • Challenges Impacting CPG
  • The Keys to Success: Value Realization and OCM
  • Applying Digital Thread Solutions
  • High-Impact Use Cases
  • Taking the Next Steps

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