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Viewpoints By Steve Riordan

Article: How to Get the Investment You Need for Retail Product Transformation:

True product differentiation is the most sustainable, long-term source of competitive advantage for a retailer or apparel/footwear manufacturer, yet most find it difficult to provide a persuasive business case to get new projects approved and funded. Here are 6 ways to make it easier.

Article: Research Results Discussion: Adoption of 3D Digital Product Creation in Retail

The 3D Retail Coalition's September 2017 webinar centered on a presentation from Kalypso's Steve Riordan, and Tailored Brand's Jamie Bragg that focused on results from Kalypso’s research on the adoption of leading product development practices in a digital world, created in partnership with the Indiana University Kelley School of Business Center for Education and Research in Retail, and PI Apparel. 

Article: Bring Clarity to Retail Decision-Making with Machine Learning

As the quantity of big data expands, retailers need to become more efficient at collecting, organizing and managing data. Here are some ways retailers can monetize data with machine learning.

Article: Retail Innovation: Adoption of Leading Product Development Practices in a Digital World

The rapidly evolving digital world will change retail product development more in the next 5 years than it has in the last 15. Retail, footwear and apparel product leaders must find ways to transform their end-to-end product development lifecycles to deliver top and bottom-line results.

Article: Closing the Product Innovation Loop with the Voice of the Customer

Despite years of trying, retail design and development leaders still create merchandise that never gets offered to a consumer, price it incorrectly and/or produce it in inappropriate quantities. Fortunately, Voice of Customer (VOC) programs have rapidly advanced to the point where they very effectively address these challenges.

Article: Transforming Your Store Brands Program? 12 Leading Practices from Consumer Goods Manufacturers

Store brands programs for food retailers are in the midst of a major transition, and even though these brands historically compete with CPG manufacturers, now is the time to learn from their success.

Article: 7 Reasons Why IoT Matters to Retail, Apparel, and Footwear Product Leaders

It is becoming more and more important for retail, footwear and apparel product leaders to understand, interpret and act on IoT. It is OK to be skeptical, but is not OK to lack an informed opinion. Here are seven reasons product development leaders need to pay more attention to IoT.

Article: Do You Really Have a Private Brand Strategy?

Even retailers with existing private brand programs often don't have a strategy. Here are the eight key elements of a winning private brand strategy.

Article: Drive Rapid Business Value with Retail Connectivity

Consumers have high expectations when it comes to how, when and where they want to shop, but disconnected data sources inhibit retailers' ability to make informed decisions. Rapid success in retail connectivity is possible with the right focus and approach.

Article: Material-Driven Innovation in Apparel and Footwear – How to Compete

Many of today's best retail, footwear and apparel innovations are enabled by new materials. What does it really take to compete on materials? Here are the four things you need.