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Viewpoints By Sarah Pierson

Article: Perspectives on 3D Body Scanning for Apparel Design & Development

In February, 2017, the 3D Retail Coalition (3D.RC) hosted a webcast with the IEEE on 3D body processing. Here are some key takeaways from the webcast.

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: Cosabella Gets Personal with AI

Cosabella harnesses machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) to convert big data into actionable insights... and sales are soaring.

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: Patagonia Advocates Thoughtful Consumption

Patagonia takes sustainability seriously. Their business model centers on manufacturing, repairing and recycling garments so they last a lifetime. 

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: Dream Jeans by Lee

Gone are the heavy, high-waisted jeans that characterized the brand in the 90’s. Lee has transformed their brand with a commitment to movement designed for active lifestyles.

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: Ethically Sourced Cotton

Responsible Sourcing Network has created the YESS initiative, bringing together corporations, suppliers, and NGOs to create a single industry-wide verification of spinning mills. 

Microblog: Retail Industry Shout Out: Breaking the Plus-Size Rule

The whitespace of plus-size apparel is available for the taking, if designers and brands break a few rules in the name of inclusion and diversity. 

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: Pokemon Go Heralds the Future of Mixed Reality

Pokemon Go demonstrates the ability for brands to creatively use augmented reality technology to engage consumers and increase profits.

Microblog: Saluting Innovation @ the Cleveland Cavaliers

Saluting innovation at the Cleveland Cavaliers - the first NBA team to offer virtual reality content in their official mobile application to engage fans in new ways. 

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: Ikea’s Digital Pop-Up Store

Ikea Canada has a new pop-up kitchen store concept in downtown Toronto where customers use RFID-enabled wooden spoons instead of carts.

Article: Transforming Your Store Brands Program? 12 Leading Practices from Consumer Goods Manufacturers

Store brands programs for food retailers are in the midst of a major transition, and even though these brands historically compete with CPG manufacturers, now is the time to learn from their success.