Viewpoints By Sagar Asalapuram

Article: Manufacturing Redefined: How to Accelerate Towards a Digital Future

The role of manufacturing is essential in a global crisis, but there are huge changes on the way for how manufacturers manage workplace safety, logistics, supply chains, inventory control, and warehouse operations. Here's how to survive today and accelerate towards a digital future.

Article: Surviving in the New Normal: Digital Tactics for Oil & Gas Leaders

There’s no denying that the oil & gas industry is facing unprecedented challenges. The strategies of old may not work in the next new normal. What survival tactics will provide the competitive advantage to thrive in an uncertain future?

Article: The Future of Oil & Gas: Smart Connected Operations and Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics is not new in the oil and gas exploration and production ecosystem. But as the need increases and technology improves, we’ve reached a tipping point that underscores the urgent imperative to improve oil and gas operations with advanced analytics.