Viewpoints By Ryan Whittle

Video: Food & Beverage Innovation Insights: Trends vs. Technology

There’s a big disconnect in the food industry. Swayed by today’s trends, consumers - with no connection to food production systems - distrust big food manufacturers while demanding higher food quality. Jayson Lusk, Ph.D. from Oklahoma State University, talks about how food scientists and innovators can help present an optimistic food future for everyone.

Video: Food & Beverage Innovation Insights: Improving Innovation Outcomes

Innovation in food & beverage is complex and quickly changing. What can companies do to be sure they are open to new ideas while maintaining a long term perspective? Experts from PepsiCo, the Center for Food Integrity, the Institute of Food Technology and more give their opinions.

Video: Food & Beverage Innovation Insights: 2016’s Top Trends

What are the most important innovation trends in food and beverage? Hear from experts at the FDA, the Center for Food Integrity, the Institute of Food Technologists and more, about the top trends for 2016.

Video: Food & Beverage Innovation Insights: Innovation vs. Regulation

Are regulations a barrier to innovation? Hear from experts at the FDA, PepsiCo, Kalypso, Ohio State University and more, about the impact of regulations on innovation.

Video: Innovation Officer Insights: Who Should Innovation Officers Report To?

It’s the most important question: Who should the Chief Innovation Officer report to? Some say the CEO, but others say that once a cadence of innovation is developed the reporting lines can change. What will work best for you organization?

Video: Innovation Officer Insights: The Evolving Role of Innovation Leaders

The role of the Chief Innovation Officer is continually evolving. These innovation leaders tell you where they fit in their organizations, and how they continue to adjust their roles as targets shift.

Video: Innovation Officer Insights: Top Responsibilities of Innovation Leaders

What is the most important responsibility of an Innovation Officer? Five innovation execs explain the importance of clarity, focus and passion when inspiring the organization to transform innovation processes. 

Video: Innovation Officer Insights: Enabling Innovation Leaders

Taking an innovation journey isn’t easy and Innovation Officers need to be ready to chase opportunities, have a passion for change, empower their people and deliver valuable results to their organizations. Here are some tips from Innovation Officers on how companies can better enable their work.

Article: Innoviews on Retail: Craig Ceccanti of Pinot’s Palette

Craig Ceccanti, the Co-Founder and CEO of Pinot’s Palette, discusses the importance of innovating the consumer experience, his take on retail trends, how Pinot’s Palette continually innovates their franchise model and how they use data to empower their innovation process.