Viewpoints By Rod Walters

Article: The Business Value of the Digital Thread

The future of product development is powered by the digital thread – a seamless flow of data that connects business processes, systems, products and equipment across the value chain to deliver business growth, operating efficiency, cost reduction, resiliency and risk mitigation.

Article: Data Driven Design Reuse and Part Rationalization Value Opportunity

Kalypso’s global director of enterprise technology, Rod Walters and Convergence Data’s founder and president, Richard Turner sat down to discuss the dramatic resurgence of investments in PLM to support digital as the physical and digital worlds converge.

Article: Achieve Digital Transformation at Scale – Four Key Concepts

Whether you’ve embraced digital transformation or are still trying to figure how to translate proof experiments into real value, here are four core concepts that companies must understand about how to drive business value, build resiliency, and scale into the future.