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Viewpoints By Reinier Stomp

Article: Introducing the MVP of Digital Transformation

An MVP is a Critical Bridge to Scaling New Technology. The journey for a successful Digital Transformation initiative follows a five-step approach.

Article: Smart Factories: 12 Lessons Learned from the Field

Based on Kalypso’s experience helping our clients build brand new smart factories and transform traditional plants, here are 12 lessons learned for others undertaking the journey.

Article: CPG’s New Normal: Three Focus Areas for Smart Connected Operations

Consumer packaged goods manufacturers and brands face a new normal as the world slowly starts to re-open. Here's how smart connected operations (SCO) can minimize disruptions. 

Article: Leading Practices for Strategic Data Governance

Data governance is an important practice in CPG, but it is often not considered a strategic priority. Here are five leading practices, along with a maturity model for companies that want to move from tactical to strategic data governance.

Article: Why Do Companies Need Data Governance?

Data governance helps protect a company’s most important assets: knowledge and data. This in turn has an impact on decision-making, risk mitigation, and brand identity. Here are some of the key costs and benefits of data governance.