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Viewpoints By Rein Singfield

Article: Exploring a Sustainable Digital Thread

We sat down with Kalypso and PTC subject matter experts to discuss ways that companies can optimize their operations for greater efficiency and sustainability

Microblog: World Economic Forum Highlights Unlocking Digital Sustainability

Shout out to the World Economic Forum. Through their Global Lighthouse Network, we see how digital transformation can lead to both productivity and sustainability outcomes.

Microblog: Sustainability Shout Out: Michelin Commits to Eco-Friendly Tire Recycling

Michelin, a global tire manufacturer, will invest $30M to build their first end-of-life tire recycling plant as a joint venture with Scandinavian Enviro Systems (Enviro). The solution will use the pyrolysis technology patented by Enviro. This technology recovers high-quality raw materials like carbon black, oil, steel and gas from end-of-life tires.

Microblog: Sustainability Shout Out: Dunkin’ Brands Continue to Deliver Sustainable Packaging

Dunkin’ Brands find new ways to deliver sustainable packaging, from replacing their iconic cups to testing marine and soil biodegradable straw.  Their packaging sustainability strategy continues to deliver great outcomes.

Microblog: Sustainability Shout Out: Diageo’s Seedlip to Launch a Mushroom “Polystyrene” Gift Box

Seedlip, a Diageo brand of non-alcoholic spirits, will launch a gift box that protects its bottle during shipping with mushroom "polystyrene".

Microblog: Sustainability Shout Out: HolyGrail 2.0 - Intelligent Sorting Enabling the Circular Economy

HolyGrail 2.0 is a pilot project facilitated by AIM, the European Brands Association, in collaboration with 85 companies and organizations. They are piloting digital watermarking technologies for intelligent sorting, which will lead to higher-quality recycling--enabling the circular economy.

Microblog: Sustainability Shout Out: 3M Advancing Sustainability During COVID Using Digital Tools

3M remains committed to advancing sustainability during COVID. They use advanced analytics and digital modeling to uncover and explore new efficiencies enabling them to take a zero-waste PPE product from design to pilot in two weeks.

Microblog: Sustainability Shout Out: PepsiCo Builds a Strategy for a More Sustainable Food System

Keeping focused on the future, PepsiCo recently released its 2019 sustainability report. The report shares its aggressive targets and progress on priority areas of agriculture, water, climate, products, packaging and people. 

Microblog: Sustainability Shout Out: Bite. Sustainable, Plastic-Free Toothcare

Bite reinvents toothpaste.  This direct-to-consumer brand is the only all-natural, plastic-free oral-hygiene company. This sustainable breakthrough innovation started with two simple questions. What is in toothpaste and why does it come in a plastic tube?

Microblog: Sustainability Shout Out: P&G Introduces All-Paper, Plastic-Free Deodorant Package

P&G delivers a plastic-free deodorant package; a first for a national brand.