Viewpoints By Nate Buyon

Article: Practical Starting Points for Industry 4.0: A Plan for the First Steps in a Successful Smart Connected Manufacturing Journey

Working to advance Industry 4.0 in your organization? Here's how to create commitment and buy-in while addressing fundamental changes to collaboration and culture.

Article: Positioning for Success with Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 will change the competitive landscape for manufacturers. Companies must quickly adapt to internal and external pressure to innovate with new products, so traditionally discrete business units will need to come together to meet market demands.

Article: How can Companies Assure Operational Success of an Enterprise-Wide Software Solution?: Knowledge Transfer Basics - Part 1

When companies transition from developing a new system to daily operations and maintenance, they must pay careful attention to the transfer of knowledge. End users must understand why they are being asked to change the way they work.