Viewpoints By Mick Broekhof

Article: Complexity Reduction Part 3: SKU Portfolio Optimization & Brand Strategy

For most companies, complexity or SKU reduction initiatives still start and stop with transactional data, focusing on turnover, profit, and volume by customer and channel. Here's how to create a holistic view of complexity reduction that includes brand demand view and complexity rating.

Article: Complexity Reduction Part 2: The CFO’s Imperative to Drive Growth

Leading organizations drive complexity reduction to create room for strategic growth — literally and figuratively. Successful CFOs and leaders position complexity reduction initiatives as opportunities to fuel growth rather than just cut costs. Here's how.

Article: Complexity Reduction: Governance Sets the Foundation for Success

Some of the smartest CEOs realize that to grow their company they must periodically prune their product portfolio.

Article: Leading Practices for Strategic Data Governance

Data governance is an important practice in CPG, but it is often not considered a strategic priority. Here are five leading practices, along with a maturity model for companies that want to move from tactical to strategic data governance.

Article: Why Do Companies Need Data Governance?

Data governance helps protect a company’s most important assets: knowledge and data. This in turn has an impact on decision-making, risk mitigation, and brand identity. Here are some of the key costs and benefits of data governance.