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Viewpoints By Malika Virk

Microblog: Consumer Innovation Shout Out: Make Up Your Makeup

Mink is betting on accessible and flexible products with the launch of its 3D makeup printer, Mink Printer. 

Microblog: Consumer Innovation Shout Out: Game of Thrones Merchandise is Coming

ICYMI, the final season of Game of Thrones is coming. Many companies have released limited-edition merchandise in honor of the highly revered show.

Microblog: Consumer Innovation Shoutout: American Eagle Enhances its Fitting Rooms

To create a more seamless in-store experience, American Eagle has paired with Alia Technologies to launch interactive fitting rooms with touch-screens at its flagship stores.

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: Using Genetic Make-Up to Choose Your Make-Up

London based GeneU and Austin, TX based SkinShift now offer skin care products personalized to your DNA.