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Viewpoints By Kelly Kornet

Article: Retail Marketplace Transformation: Making Strategic Choices for Rapid Change

Retail sales are healthy, yet prominent retailers are downsizing. What is going on here, and how can companies leverage strategic planning AND technology to effectively transform for the future?

Microblog: Consumer Innovation Shout Out: Start-up and Carlings Bring Digital Fashion to the Masses

Start-ups and retailers alike are working to crack the code on sustainable fashion. Digital clothing may just be the fix they've been searching for. 

Article: Is It Time to Invest in Additive Manufacturing? Three Things to Consider

In the past 30 years, 3D printing (3DP) technology has gained traction for rapid prototyping and industrial tooling. But just because something can be additively manufactured, should it? Here are some things to consider.

Article: The Resurgence of Retail: Focus on Customer Empathy to Refresh the In-store Shopping Experience

The retail industry has drastically transformed throughout the last several years due to a multitude of factors. With the combination of factors at play, retailers are challenged to efficiently adapt to or drive value with digitalization.

Microblog: Saluting Innovation @ Mattel

Saluting innovation @ Mattel for making dolls that inspire girls to be whatever they want to be.