Viewpoints By JP Romero

Article: From Data Element to Business Term

Business glossaries host business terms. Data catalogs host data elements. But what are the differences between these two artifacts? It all depends on the types of metadata you are collecting.

Article: Machine Learning in Modern Data Quality Solutions

Now, companies are taking a great first step when they become proactive with their data quality practices, but there is always room for improvement.

Article: Four Key Questions to Ask Before Implementing Data Quality Software

Enterprises around the world have been generating data at enormous rates, but they rarely use it to its fullest potential. Analytics for multi-million dollar business insights, successful artificial intelligence projects and compliance to high-risk federal regulations all hang from a common thread: high-quality data.

Article: How Clear is Your Data? Practical Advice for Proper Levels of Abstraction

With most data governance initiatives, companies focus on making sure their data assets are findable and trustable. But they frequently neglect an equally important aspect of their data: its clearness.

Article: Want More Value from Digital Initiatives? Get Your Data Under Control

As digital initiatives start to show some real business results, a common theme emerges. For all digital efforts, data is the underlying raw material. And it’s time to get your data under control.

Article: A No-Fluff Primer on Data Governance

When handled correctly, data can be an organization’s most important resource. Data governance can help build a complete picture from the scattered pieces of the puzzle.