Viewpoints By John Hubert

Article: 5 Common Pitfalls When Approaching EUDAMED UDI Compliance

Will your UDI strategy and solution scale as more health authorities roll out their own UDI requirements and databases? Here are five common pitfalls to avoid.

Article: Leading Practices for EUDAMED and Basic UDI

Got questions about Basic UDI compliance? This article offers a technical deep-dive into the context, basics, and best practices to adapt to this new normal across the medical device industry.

Article: Harnessing the Power of Big Data for Digital Manufacturing

Big data offers exciting opportunities for innovation, but also terrifying threats to your business. So, as a leader of engineering, manufacturing or operations, what should you do?

Article: Addressing Three Common Quality-Related Mistakes in High Tech

Time to market is vital, but an exclusive focus on speed often results in quality-related mistakes. With a holistic PLM program that includes strategy, software, processes and culture, organizations can avoid several common quality mistakes.