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Viewpoints By Erin Shaffer

Microblog: Achieve Digitization and Sustainability Goals with Energy Management Solutions

Kalypsonians Erin Shaffer and Maria Lowry, co-leads of our sustainability service line, were joined by Rockwell Automation at this year’s Automation Fair to discuss the benefits and capabilities of energy monitoring solutions and how to help customers to achieve their digitization and sustainability goals.

Article: A Shifting Regulatory Landscape

How the New York Fashion Act, SEC Environmental Disclosures, and IFRS Sustainability Standards are reshaping a new normal for environmental regulations

Article: Preparing Your Organization for an SCO Makeover

Organizational Change Management (OCM) is one of the most important – yet often overlooked – aspects of any digital transformation initiative. Here's how to put OCM at the heart of the change to make sure the organization is prepared and properly brought along on each step of the journey.

Microblog: Sustainability Shout Out: Pelican BioThermal Provides Sustainable Cold Chain Packaging Solutions

Pelican BioThermal innovates sustainable options for cold chain packaging, showing convenience and safety do not need to be at a sacrifice to environmental sustainability

Microblog: Sustainability Shout Out: UN Sustainable Development Goals. A Candid Update & How Digital Can Help

UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) set for 2030 are more than 10% off target and five of them have a negative long-term trend. The report includes concepts and opportunities for positive transformation using digital enablers.

Article: Leading Practices for EUDAMED and Basic UDI

Got questions about Basic UDI compliance? This article offers a technical deep-dive into the context, basics, and best practices to adapt to this new normal across the medical device industry.