Viewpoints By Devin Bedwell

Article: Preparing for High Tech’s New Normal: Short Term Actions with a Long-Term View

As the high tech industry prepares for a post-crisis world, the opportunity is not only to understand the new ecosystem but to shape it. Here's how near-term tactics and long-term planning can help companies adapt and thrive.

Article: The Executive’s Guide to the Semiconductor Digital Twin

It is time for leading semiconductor firms to pave the way with the next generation of digital technologies by creating a more comprehensive digital twin. 

Article: Enabling Semiconductor Innovation with a Comprehensive Product Record

To achieve true innovation results transformation, all semiconductor firms must now move beyond a basic approach to PLM/PDM with enhanced innovation and new product development capabilities, including the creation of a comprehensive product record.

Article: Three New Leading Practices for Semiconductor Innovation

Semiconductor companies are always looking to deliver meaningful growth for innovation, but few actually deliver. Here are three leading practices that successful companies use.

Article: Material Compliance – It’s Not Just for High Tech Any More

Our jewelry, clothes and wearable devices are getting smarter every day. Retail, footwear and apparel companies are faced with a huge number of governmental regulations for these devices, and compliance is required. Here's how to get up to speed quickly.

Article: Three Enhanced Innovation Capabilities that All Semiconductor Companies Need

It's time for semiconductor companies to take a more comprehensive approach to innovation.