Viewpoints By David Miracle

Microblog: Consumer Innovation Shout Out: Coffee Without the Coffee Beans

Would you trade in your morning cup of joe for one formulated in a lab? Atomo Coffee and Mattson are reverse engineering the flavor, aroma, and color of coffee – without the bitterness. 

Video: How to Design Enterprise Systems with the End User in Mind: Design Thinking Basics

When designing and implementing systems it's easy to forget that real live people are going to use them. Use design thinking to drive adoption in each phase of an implementation to create processes and tools you’d want to use yourself.

Video: Don’t “Do” Open Innovation - Design Open Organizations: Move beyond crowdsourcing and build an open organization focused on results

Open innovation isn’t about the latest trends in crowdsourcing; it’s about expanding the boundaries of your organization to deliver results. Innovation through co-creation with customers requires you to think beyond the front end. If you want your crowdsourcing initiative to be more than just a publicity stunt, think about the results it will drive - not the crowd it will leverage.