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Viewpoints By Colin Speakman

Article: Driving Agility with Standardization

A strategic focus on standardization can provide enough stability to allow organizations to respond to changes and challenges with agility.

Article: CPG PLM Transformation Part 1: Five Pitfalls of Early Implementations

Enterprise technology implementations are challenging. For CPG companies, the roadblocks to implementing PLM fall into several common areas. Here are five main pitfalls and an analysis on why they still exist today.

Article: CPG PLM Transformation Part 2: Four Steps to Avoid Past Mistakes

In part 1 of this series, we covered 5 common pitfalls that kept CPG companies from seeing full value from PLM. In this article, we cover 4 steps to resolve historical pressure points and establish a strong foundation for a fully functioning PLM platform.

Microblog: Sustainability Shout Out: PepsiCo Builds a Strategy for a More Sustainable Food System

Keeping focused on the future, PepsiCo recently released its 2019 sustainability report. The report shares its aggressive targets and progress on priority areas of agriculture, water, climate, products, packaging and people. 

Article: CPG’s New Normal: Three Focus Areas for Smart Connected Operations

Consumer packaged goods manufacturers and brands face a new normal as the world slowly starts to re-open. Here's how smart connected operations (SCO) can minimize disruptions. 

Article: CPG’s New Business as Usual: Tactics to Prepare for the Future

Advice for consumer goods companies. As days go by and challenges mount, what actions will you take to adapt and survive in the near-term? Thinking ahead, how will your business look different? What can you do now to prepare for this future?

Article: It’s Time to Change the Game on Regulatory Management

Here's how the application of advanced analytics to regulatory data can turn it from an unwelcome necessity to an enabler of innovation and growth. 

Microblog: Consumer Innovation Shout Out: Mars Uses Feel Good Snack Size Wrapping

New limited edition wrappers for Mars provide positive messages as part of their #throwshine campaign.

Microblog: Consumer Innovation Shout Out: Green Giant Enabling More Fresh Veggie Consumption

Question the process and innovate the mundane... two points that Green Giant took into account when trying to figure out how to get the market to consumer more vegetables.