Viewpoints By Bill Poston

Video: How To: Quickly Improve Innovation Results as the CINO: How do you diagnose the real innovation challenges?

It takes a while to grow an idea into a commercially viable product. One of the quickest ways a chief innovation officer can drive early results from innovation is to characterize and shape the existing portfolio.

Video: How To: Develop Innovation as a Growth Strategy: Practical Advice for the Chief Innovation Officer

Growth strategies are changing. When the options of expanding markets, investing in efficiencies and mergers and acquisitions are exhausted, what’s left? Growth from innovation. But ensuring a return on innovation strategy takes more than conviction - it is essential for the new Chief Innovation Officer to have a framework for approaching the challenge of growth.  

Video: How To: Assume the Role of the Chief Innovation Officer: Practical Advice for the Chief Innovation Officer

Innovation is not a part time, one-person job. It takes a team and a leader who understands the need to balance between the technical and commercial worlds. With the right balance and team, the chief innovation officer can produce real results from innovation. 

Article: How to Deal with Innovation Frustration

When the entire executive team is focused on COGS reduction, then a growth from innovation business strategy is never going to work. What should a CINO do?

Article: Building a Minimum Viable Innovation System (MVIS)

My thoughts on Scott Anthony’s HBR article, “Building an Innovation Engine in 90 Days”. 

Article: Women at Work: Five Tips for Success

At the Innovate, Achieve & Mentor Conference, Bill Poston was the only male speaker on the agenda. Here are his tips for helping women excel in technology-related fields (and business in general).