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Viewpoints By Betsy Tao

Microblog: Sustainability Shout Out: Tesla Leads the Charge on Sustainable Manufacturing & Operations

Tesla continues to drive sustainability in the automotive industry. In addition to making more sustainable vehicles, Tesla is bringing sustainability into their own facilities and operations.

Microblog: Sustainability Shout Out: From Water to Wine - Bottle Redesign for Sustainability

PepsiCo and Garçon Wines redesign bottles that create a market for recycled plastics, reduce raw materials, require less energy to produce and reduce transportation emissions.

Article: Manufacturing Redefined: How to Accelerate Towards a Digital Future

The role of manufacturing is essential in a global crisis, but there are huge changes on the way for how manufacturers manage workplace safety, logistics, supply chains, inventory control, and warehouse operations. Here's how to survive today and accelerate towards a digital future.