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Viewpoints By Anasuya Biswas

Microblog: Consumer Innovation Shout out: Re-Used Denim from Nudie Jeans

Nudie Jeans store offers a lifelong guarantee for their jeans. You can bring your pair of worn jeans into the store, and Nudie Jeans will repair it for free, no matter the date of purchase.

Microblog: Consumer Innovation Shout Out: Coloreel Revolutionizes the Embroidery Industry

Swedish technology innovation company, Coloreel, recently introduced their instant thread coloring unit that instantly colors white thread before it is embroidered into design, which allows designers to use multiple colors without changing the thread.

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: Reinventing Urban Life - The Mini Way

Mini Cooper, an icon of 1960s British popular culture is venturing into other segments like Living, Fashion, Design and Start-ups. Mini Fashion celebrates individuality, knowing that, when unique perspectives, ideas and passions come together, an icon is born.

Microblog: Retail Innovation Shout Out: Technology Infused Apparel

Vollebak's solar charged jacket uses technology to create the perfect companion for the night time runner.