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Viewpoints By Alexander Tang

Article: The Manufacturing Executive’s Primer on Digital Innovation

The demand for smart products drives the need for smart manufacturing, including new ways to link consumers directly to manufacturing methods. Here's what manufacturing executives need to know to address the digital innovation challenge.

Infographic: A Regulated Future: Hydraulic Fracturing

As Hydraulic Fracturing continues to grow in the US and abroad there will only be more scrutiny and regulation in the industry. Well operators need to be prepared to collect, track, and report their fluid formulation data.

Article: The Executive’s Guide to Mergers and Acquisitions: Consider the NPD Beach Head Approach

When innovation growth fails to meet goals and objectives, many executives turn to mergers and acquisitions to buy the required capabilities. But after the fanfare is over, the operations executive who has to actually implement is left with an enormous challenge and no clear path to success.