Accelerating Your Smart Factory Journey
A Guide to Smart Factory Digital Transformation

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Take a moment to picture what a fully digital factory should look like. Imagine every part, product and process connected to a digital twin, linked by IoT into an end-to-end digital thread. Automated systems capture metrics, flag bottlenecks, and optimize solutions in real time, adapting and reacting to changes before they are visible to the human eye.

Smart factories like this are far from fiction. On the contrary, they are becoming essential for continued success in modern manufacturing.

In this eBook we will address common development challenges during factory conversions and lay out a path to successfully transform any production plant into a smart factory.

This Smart Factory eBook includes:

  • Discussion of smart factory drivers and enablers, from technology to consumer demand
  • Overview of the smart factory
  • Guidance for getting started
  • Learnings and best practices from the field
  • Examples of success
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