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Deliver business value through improved Overall Equipment Effectiveness

Smart connected operations leverage digital technologies across product development, manufacturing, operations, supply chain and service to improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE), increase safety, decrease enterprise risk and return measurable shareholder value.

With smart connected operations, manufacturers can achieve significant financial benefits, including:

  • Improved OEE measurements
  • Improved production capacity
  • Reduced downtime events
  • Improved labor efficiency
  • Increased productivity
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Increased asset utilization
  • Reduced service call time

We help manufacturers use interconnected machines and devices, intelligent analytics, and connected workers across the value chain to enable Smart Connected Operations.

High Impact Pillars of Smart Connected Operations

Product Launch Optimization

Enable digital connectivity between R&D and manufacturing operations

Resource Optimization

Increase shop floor productivity through smart planning and scheduling for labor, materials and tooling to improve overall productivity

Manufacturing Automation & Simulation

Design and validate manufacturing processes by authoring, re-using, validating and optimizing automation-design based on fully realistic kinematic behavior

Process Control Optimization

Apply prescriptive machine learning algorithms to improve process control, production rate and product quality

Production Performance Management

Enable real-time metrics to drive OEE improvement and lean production management techniques

Asset Performance Management

Transform maintenance and reliability of heavy industry assets with the application of industrial AI in fault detection and prognostics, increasing asset uptime and performance

Energy Management & Sustainability

Improve bottom-line, achieve sustainability goals through connected energy operations, smart facilities and product innovation

Field Service Operations

Apply augmented reality (AR) and object recognition to better enable centralized engineering support, safer repair work and rapid spare parts identification

How We Help Clients Build Smart Connected Operations

Our smart connected operations approach focuses on leveraging digital technologies and data-driven analytics to drive more throughput. We apply our industry and domain knowledge, technical analytics, machine learning capability and business results frameworks to your environment to increase uptime, improve operational efficiency, reduce safety incidents and increase employee satisfaction.

Three-Phased Approach to Digitizing Your Operations

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Mechanical to Digital

  • Deploy IIoT platform
  • Establish connected control system foundation
  • Enable continuous improvement
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Reactive to Predictive

  • Optimize manufacturing monitoring and control systems with machine learning
  • Improve manufacturing performance through predictive and prescriptive analytics
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Organize to Scale

  • Establish repeatable installation playbook and operating model
  • Develop knowledge and skillsets in the organization to scale capability across manufacturing portfolio

The Kalypso Difference for Smart Connected Operations

We have deep experience delivering solutions for smart connected operations, connecting the factory, the field and the enterprise.

Enterprise OEE Deployment

Production Capacity Initiative

Closed Loop Distributed Control System

Augmented Reality Work Instructions

Industrial Digital Twin

IoT Industrial Automation

Industrial Machine Learning
for OEE

Digital Product Creation

Power by the Hour Business Model

Machine Learning Predictive Maintenance

Asset Utilization OEE

Machine Learning Workforce Allocation

Smart Connected Operations Industry Expertise

Let's Get Started

We can help you digitize your operations to improve overall equipment effectiveness. We have deep experience delivering solutions for smart connected operations, connecting the factory, the field and the enterprise.

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