Smart Connected Operations
in Food & Beverage

A Practical Guide for the Future

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2020 has been a year like we've never experienced. The pandemic will likely affect our lives and businesses for at least another year. In addition, there's increasing political division in the US, with nigh uncertainty surrounding our social and economic future.

Combined, these factors create a perfect storm of uncertainty that food and beverage companies must navigate.

This 2020 compendium is a practical guide designed to help consumer food and beverage companies navigate through these uncertain times. It contains articles that discuss how companies are rethinking the way they discover, create, make and sell products to connect the enterprise, evolve operations and minimize future disruptions.

This compendium includes articles and advice on:

  • Tactics to prepare for the future
  • Post-pandemic research on implications and value chain enablers for consumer goods companies
  • Focus areas for leveraging smart connected operations
  • Top use cases and digital tools for building consumer trust during a pandemic
  • Lessons learned from smart factory initiatives across industries
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