The Future of Risk Management in Medical Device

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A comprehensive guide to move from corrective to predictive risk management - by closing the loop

Medical device manufacturers must follow a highly structured and rigorous risk management process. With the risk of litigation, recalls and quality issues, it’s more important than ever to have a closed-loop risk management program that integrates risk data with a globally traceable product lifecycle management (PLM) solution.

The challenge: Implementing global PLM is not easy. Getting to an ideal end-state can take years.

This eBook covers how to truly close the loop and improve risk management – regardless of PLM maturity. It also covers how to leverage machine learning and advanced analytics to analyze risk and quality data, minimize post-market problems, predict outcomes and even prescribe actions to prevent future quality-related issues.

Download this eBook to Learn About:

  • The evolution of risk management
  • Risk management basics - a refresher
  • Leading practices for integrating risk with a PLM backbone
  • Leveraging machine learning for predictive risk management and control verification
  • The idea end state: what closed-loop risk management looks like
  • Getting started with a pragmatic approach
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