Saurabh Panwar

Data Science Senior Analyst

Specialized in implementing machine learning algorithms for predictive and prescriptive maintenance.​ ​

Saurabh Panwar, Data Science Senior Analyst | Kalypso

Prior to joining Kalypso, Saurabh worked as a data scientist in a Maritime cleantech company where he was responsible for the development of end-to-end Machine learning solutions. Using cutting edge AI technologies, Saurabh has developed state of the art machine learning models with over 95% of accuracy.

Saurabh has completed his Dual Degree Btech-M.Tech in Information and Communication Technology from University of Rajasthan, India and post that he completed his PG Diploma in Big Data Analytics from Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Pune, India.

As a data science senior analyst, he is eager to continue developing his data science skills in a multidisciplinary field and he could also apply his business intuition to help the business reach its goals in artificial intelligence.

Saurabh lives in Pune, India. In his spare time he loves to travel and he is a big travel photography enthusiast and has won a few awards in that as well. He enjoys playing basketball and swimming in his free time.

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  • Post-Graduation Diploma in Big Data Analytics.
  • Dual Degree Masters in Information and Communication Technologies.​


  • 3 years of relevant experience in Data Science​
  • Lead Machine Learning Projects
  • Deployed End to End Machine Learning solutions on ETA, Fuel, RPM which were an integral part of Voyage Optimization Module.​

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