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Rodney Holmes

Senior Manager

Rodney is Kalypso’s resident expert in remote service and management solutions for the MedTech industry.

Rodney Holmes, Senior Manager | Kalypso
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Rodney spent the last 10 years as an internal champion and external voice for multiple multi-million-dollar enterprise-level SaaS/IoT applications. His formative professional years were spent in technology entrepreneurship, and he ultimately took ownership of the product strategy for Axeda - a well-established product that was acquired by PTC and integrated into the ThingWorx platform. At PTC, Rodney served as a Senior Director and Product Manager for the Axeda platform, and helped PTC’s tier-1 customers transition from their legacy Axeda IoT implementations into PTC’s new ThingWorx offering. Rodney brings a rich background in medical device and emerging technologies to Kalypso.

Rodney lives in Victor NY, just south of Rochester. When not traveling, Rodney can be found in the summer at the Finger Lakes, boating and having campfires with family and friends. In the winter, Rodney is an avid skier, and part-time ski patroller. He spends most weekends at the mountain with his wife and kids.

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