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Nigel is a Partner at Kalypso and brings over 25 years of broad industry experience helping companies transform digital product creation and supply chain processes and operations.

Nigel Hallett, Partner | Kalypso
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Nigel is the Managing Director of the Oracle practice at Kalypso and leads a team of highly talented and motivated people delivering transformational projects to clients across a variety of industries.

Current Work

Nigel applies his broad experience on realizing value from technology investments and navigating the organizational complexities that accompany these projects to drive digital transformation for Kalypso's clients. He is leading the expansion of the Oracle practice to support a broad range of services across a bigger part of the Oracle Cloud application platform.

Outside of Kalypso

Nigel resides in Rochester, MI where he has lived with his wife and family for over 20 years. He travels extensively for business but he also finds time for golfing or biking in the summer months and playing squash during the winter. Nigel is also passionate about special needs and autism awareness.



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