Kevin McCreery


Kevin is passionate about serving clients who use product lifecycle management (PLM) for business integration and compliance needs.

Kevin McCreery, Analyst | Kalypso
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Kevin is a creative and hard-working professional, with the ability to apply systems- and process-oriented approaches to a variety of business challenges.

Prior to joining Kalypso, Kevin worked for a civil engineering firm, a late-stage startup in the Electronic Medical Records industry, and with North Carolina State University’s Center for Innovation Management Studies (CIMS).

Kevin holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (Virginia Tech).

Current Projects

Kevin’s focus at Kalypso is on delivering technical solutions for the life sciences and consumer packaged goods (CPG) industries. Kevin specializes in PLM, new product development (NPD), and innovation strategy.

Outside of Kalypso

During his free time, Kevin enjoys reading, international travel, spending time in the gym, and brewing his own beer.


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