JP Romero

Technical Consultant

JP is a Senior Technical Consultant at Kalypso and brings over 4 years of professional experience to our clients.

JP Romero, Technical Consultant | Kalypso
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Prior to Kalypso, JP worked as a full-stack developer for clients across various industries. He worked in several phases within the software development lifecycle, such as software requirements elicitation, data modelling, quality assurance, deployment and code maintenance.

JP holds a master’s degree in Advanced Computer Science with a specialization in Advanced Web Technologies from the University of Manchester. His thesis, "Interpreting Tuple Relational Calculus via SQL Translation" received a Distinction mark. He also holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Technologies from the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education.

Outside of Kalypso

Although JP is originally from Mexico, he was born in Wales, U.K. and his wife is Japanese. He has been break dancing for over seven years and loves otoro sashimi.


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