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Jordan Reynolds

Principal & Global Practice Leader, Data Science

Jordan is a data scientist, management consultant and leading expert in digital transformation, bringing 15 years of professional experience to his clients.

Jordan Reynolds, Principal & Global Practice Leader, Data Science | Kalypso

Prior to joining Kalypso, Jordan held roles at AES and PTC, serving clients across a variety of industries. He brings over a decade of experience helping clients drive results from disruptive business models and emerging technology trends like the Internet of Things (IoT), big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

Current Projects

Jordan leads Kalypso's Data Science practice and team. He offers his clients an extensive portfolio of experience in a diverse range of industries including consumer products, high tech, industrial, automotive, aerospace and defense. He has a unique perspective on how his clients can enhance their creative aptitude and maximize their return on innovation investments.

Outside of Kalypso

Jordan has a passion for food and wine, an interest in economics and an irresponsible propensity for dangerous snowboarding. Jordan also enjoys spending time with his wife and dachshund, Huey.

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  • Bachelor of Science, Western Washington University

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