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Emily Adams is a director with extensive process design and implementation experience, serving clients across multiple industries in portfolio management, new product development process, commercialization strategy, and supply chain strategy.

Emily Adams, Director | Kalypso
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Prior to joining Kalypso, Emily worked in supply chain management at Caterpillar's Building Construction Products division. Her role focused on deploying lean manufacturing principles at suppliers to enhance capacity and flow. She successfully facilitated a number of waste reduction initiatives to improve supplier delivery and develop supplier relationships. Previously, she began her career at Caterpillar as a logistics engineer working on internal replenishment strategies and external kanban methods.

Emily holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Industrial Engineering from North Carolina State University.

Current Projects

Emily works with clients on PLM strategy and implementation. On working with Kalypso, she says, "The most exciting thing about Kalypso is in its unique set of values. The firm is focused on providing our clients with professional, yet diverse personalities to meet the industry specific needs of the client. At Kalypso, I have learned that a successful client relationship is one that does not end at project completion."

Outside of Kalypso

Emily is a Carolina girl at heart. She enjoys weekend retreats from the city to the Outer Banks where she can soak up the rays and relax with a book. Emily has played the violin for 20 years (although currently a little out of practice) and hopes to join a local symphony in the future.


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