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Cristina De Leon


Cristina is an analyst with Kalypso, focusing on developing client relationships and delivering on the promise of innovation.

Cristina De Leon, Analyst | Kalypso
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Prior to joining Kalypso, Cristina worked in treasury services at JP Morgan, business operations at CBS Corporation, marketing at Raindance Film, and sales at Allegro Beverage. She has experience working in Boston, New York, London and Manila.

Cristina holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and Communication from Boston College.

Current Projects

Cristina currently works within the business and innovation strategy practice for the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, as well as developing creative content as the Emagineer for the Business and Innovation Strategy Practice.

Outside of Kalypso

Cristina is based in Boston, Massachusetts and savors the simple things in life – good food, good music and good company.

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